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Consumer 3D printing technology is one of the fastest growing market in tech industry. Many people heard about the technology invoking inner child’s curiosity but the resources and point of contacts are limited.

Major industries such as film, computer graphics and creative arts have been exponentially growing in Vancouver. In BC, these industries also have excellent tax benefits introduced by the Province making Vancouver an ideal place for leading companies to find establishment. 

These industries have something in common: digital fabrication. From rapid prototyping to finished art pieces, they will need tools to bring computer aided designs to reality. 

Our goal is to provide 3D printing services for people who are in these industries, also for students and general public to increase awareness about the technology and to stimulate people’s constructional creativity.

Our 3D printers are most up-to-date PLA and SLA printers to give customers best result possible.

518 W Pender St.
Vancouver BC
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P: 604-300-7930

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